Baby 2 – 2nd trimester of pregnancy

The 2nd trimester of pregnancy, synchronized with the period of isolation at home.

I entered the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, just in March, when the emergency situation was declared.
Things have really taken a turn for the better for all of us at the moment. In the beginning, I too had a few moments of anxiety, insecurity and fear.

What has always kept me positive and strong is the task itself. My little girl needs a good vibe. We mothers communicate so deeply with our wonders.

It’s important to stay as relaxed and smiling as possible during this period.

Indeed, we don’t know which way things will go, but how we handle the situation is very important.


Fortunately the feeling of safety came when I went to the trim 2 morphology check at Regina Maria and saw that very clear safeguards were in place. I have heard of many cases of mothers who could not give birth in the maternity ward where they had been scheduled and with the doctor in question, etc.

I can honestly say that I am lucky in this respect. For me, everything has remained the same for now: motherhood and the doctor. As I gave birth at Queen Mary’s for the first time too, I seemed to be much more relaxed and peaceful with all the visits I made to the maternity ward.

I just hope that all mothers get through this period and have an easy birth and a healthy baby. That’s what I wish for us too. innocent

And I pray that things will slowly return to normal.


Recognize. I miss the aerobics classes I used to teach. When I think that I taught up to 8th grade with Rareș laughing, but I took this situation for granted.

I tried to keep my training routine. I found every day 30-60 minutes to exercise, most of the time this happened when Rars was sleeping at lunchtime. Otherwise, if I was exercising with him in the gym, it was more like playing with him.

Exercise is allowed in the armpit, even recommended. The condition is that they are adapted to your situation. It is very important to take into account what activities you were doing before and of course the recommendations of the doctor monitoring your pregnancy.

The following sporting activities can be done continuously in the harness:

1. Running: If you used to run, you can do it again and again. If you didn’t run before pregnancy, talk to your obstetrician first. Make sure you hydrate enough, avoid overheating and wear shoes suitable for this type of activity.

2. Aerobics: depends on the intensity of the aerobics classes. Ideally, you should ask your coach for the best options.

3. Fitness: here you have a wide variety of exercises you can do, of course the duration of the workout will be shorter than before, the intensity and difficulty.

5. Yoga: we know all too well that this type of movement relaxes us and relieves stress. Even in the gym you can do yoga workouts, specific to this period of course.

  1. Swimming does not affect the joints, which is why it is the most suitable form of exercise recommended by doctors for pregnant women.
  2. Kegel exercises
  3. Walking, of course.


This is again a topic that concerns us mothers. How we eat in the carcass and how many kilos we are “allowed” to gain.

It depends on how much you weighed before you got pregnant and how appropriate your weight is in relation to your height.

Weight before pregnancyRecommended weight gain
Underweight (BMI < 18.5)13-18 kg
Normal weight (BMI 18.5-24.9)11-16 kg
Overweight (BMI 25-29.9)7-11 kg
Obesity (BMI >/= 30)5-9 kg

During this period it is advisable to add about 300 calories. Of course, equally important is the source.

If in the first trimester I told you that I ate more messily because of nausea, now I’m slowly starting to get back to normal.

My golden rule is to eat vegetables, salad and fresh fruit every day. I know that they provide me with a good source of nutrients, vitamins and fibre, so I don’t neglect that at all 🙂

I eat everything, prepared as simply as possible: dairy, eggs, meat, legumes. And yes. I drink a lot of water.

If you’re wondering what’s the deal with the “cravings”, lamine, I can tell you that if they exist, they are exactly the same as they were before pregnancy. So I don’t really and anyway, it’s not out of the ordinary.

In the 2nd trimester I indulged myself with “unaalta” but now in the 3rd trimester I have become more and more conscientious. I feel the need to eat very healthy and fresh, but I tell you more about this experience (trim 3) in the next post.

Until then, see you on social media channels 🙂

Live active and healthy,



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