Natural childbirth and the blessing of becoming a mother.

29 August. We had the routine checkup, with monitoring and everything. The doctor lady was telling me I was the same as last week, meaning no warning signs, so I was waiting.

30 August. I put on my Adidas Runners gear, and went to Herastrau Park, where the Thursday runs take place. More jokingly than seriously, they all told me that if I give birth there somehow, I will have many midwives :)).

I did the warm up and stretching, otherwise I supported and encouraged my team.

31 August. I didn’t fall asleep until 2am. I was nervous, like I felt something. Although I knew I didn’t need anything at the hospital, as everything was included in the birth package, I still packed a backpack with clothes for me and the baby, a book, phone charger, for discharge. Let it be! Word to the wise 🙂

Friday. I woke up at 5 am. I thought dinner was to blame and the watermelon, eaten too late, but when I saw that trips to the toilet were in vain, and the situation was repeating itself, I said to myself: alas, I think the time is coming.

I started monitoring my contractions, duration and interval. Around 7 something, Dragos heard me (the contractions had taken their toll).

He asked me if I was okay. I replied:

– Yes. I think I’m having contractions!

– Let’s go to the hospital!

That’s when I realized that the time had come…that our little angel was coming into the world.

So we set off for Regina Maria, good thing the maternity ward is close by, so we arrived in 10 minutes. I also wrote to the doctor, although honestly, I thought I would give birth with someone else, knowing she was leaving Bucharest that weekend. But it didn’t.

Arriving at the hospital, after the first check-up, I was told I was almost 4 cm dilated, so they took me straight to the delivery room.

Shortly after she admitted me, the doctor who monitored me throughout my pregnancy, Mrs Carmen Constantinescu, came (she delayed her departure for me). I thank them for their support and professionalism.

Dragos, he’s been with me all day. He’s been with me in the salon since the beginning.

Yes. He also attended the birth. He sat on my right, next to my shoulder. I’m glad he did, I felt safe.

In the same room were the midwives, Iustina and Loredana. Very kind and nice to me.

The contractions were painful and increasingly unbearable, so I requested an epidural sometime around noon. In the lounge there was a good mood, Europa FM was playing in the background, we were humming all the songs. Music relaxes me, it gives me a good feeling, so it was exactly the vibe I wanted.

Every 30 minutes I was consulted by the doctor. With dilation I was fine, but the contractions were not constant and effective in duration. I was asked to approve any procedure, but at that point, I could only do as the doctor saw fit.

The membranes were ruptured by the doctor. After that I waited…and waited 🙂

By 3pm, the epidural wears off and the pain becomes unbearable (and I thought I was coping with the pain) :)).

At 4 pm we start “getting down to business”. I could feel the pain in all my pores, but I told myself: you can do this!

The whole team encouraged and guided me: the doctor, Dragos, the midwives. It seemed to go on and on, and I had a moment of helplessness at one point, when I thought to myself: am I not going to make it?! No way! I have to!

We pushed for an hour. The midwives helped me by pushing on my abdomen. The others were encouraging me and guiding me with what to do… The moment that really gave me strength was when the doctor lady said: come on, her hair is showing!

A feeling came over me that is hard to describe in words. That gave me so much strength, that in the next 2 minutes I think (or two pushes), I managed to do the right thing. I felt something magical, something that told me I didn’t have to “stall” any longer and bring our little angel into the world. Everything depended on me at that time.

When I heard her cry, her crying, tears of happiness and joy came to my eyes. I turned my head towards Dragos. It’s like I was telling him so much with a look and a smile.

When they put the baby on my chest, it felt like a miracle, a blessing, a great feeling. I told him that I was sorry for tormenting him for a bit, but that I couldn’t wait for him and that we loved him dearly.

I quickly looked at him, to see his face, his little hands, his nose, his little eyes. It seemed unreal. What a moment!

So. On Friday 31 August, at 17:00, our little angel, Rareș Alexander, 55 cm, 3,670 kg, was born.

I stayed in the delivery room for about 3 hours, then they took me to the ward.

I still couldn’t believe it. It was like I was in a dream. All I wanted was to see the baby and then eat something :))

On Sunday we were discharged. My mother came to help us. It was good to have her for the first week.

I don’t even know what else to share with you because I’ve experienced so much at once. It would be too long to post. So I’ll leave something for next week. Namely the time spent with Rares. First weeks as a mother.

And my recovery 🙂

One thing’s for sure: I look at it, and it fills me with love! It’s the purest feeling ever! It is the most beautiful blessing! I’d stop time.




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