Top 10 favourite recipes of Rareș (diversification)

I would say that diversification works well for us. Until he was 6 months I breastfed Rareș exclusively on demand, and then only in the morning and evening, plus sometimes at night or during the day. I started with vegetables: carrot, parsnip, zucchini.

We got along well with everything on the first try. That’s why we can’t wait to try new foods.

When he likes something very strong, he eats quickly, opens his mouth and if he has more food, he “claps his hand on the table.” laughing

We didn’t get our first teeth until we were 8 months old, so it’s only from here on that I can see him starting to chew food 🙂

I always shop for fresh vegetables and steam them for her so they retain as much of their nutrients as possible.
I still breastfeed, but now I only do it in the morning and evening (very rarely at night). What can I say… my chicken is growing 🙂 We have many favorite food combinations and I’ll definitely be jotting them down and sharing them with you from here on out. I’d love it if in a comment on this post they’d share with me and other mommies who are on the frequency, some recipe ideas that work with your dwarves. A successful recipe exchange for the little ones.

So top 10 successful recipes for Rareș:

  1. Sweet potato + carrot + parsnip
  2. Spinach + egg yolk (here we like all combinations of green vegetables with egg: broccoli with egg, green beans with egg, avocado with egg)
  3. Courgette + pepper + julienne
  4. Cauliflower + carrot + parsnip + turkey breast
  5. Sweet potato + broccoli + beef
  6. White potato + zucchini + goat butter
  7. White potato + leek + celery + parsnip + coconut oil
  8. Pumpkin pie + cinnamon
  9. Cheese dumplings
  10. Goat yoghurt + oat flakes

As for the fruit, what can I say. Loves bananas + oranges + apples. I’ve also tried kiwi, mango and apricot now recently.

Aaa. And we love green onions. A healthy snack laughing

I can’t wait to hear what you guys tried in the first few months of diversification.

I hug you.



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