A program designed for the future mommies that will help you stay in shape and strengthen your health and wellbeing starting with the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy.

Included in the program
Complete training program for the second trimester of your pregnancy. You will receive daily the schedule for that particular day, program being constructed with utmost attention in order for you to enjoy the magic of giving birth while remaining energetic.
Complete 12-week meal plan carefully created for the two of you, with paying attention to the calories, vitamins and micro-nutrients intake. As a bonus for choosing this program, you will enjoy free suggestions for the third trimester of pregnancy.
Conscious breathing exercises that will strengthen your back, pelvis and lower back and help you avoid diastasis. All to make sure that you feel in full control during pregnancy.
Before starting the program you will be required to obtain your doctor's written consent that you are able to enter and follow this program.
The first trimester of pregnancy is usually difficult and pretty stressful as you encounter fatigue, nausea and overall discomfort. That is exactly why it is recommended that you start the program once you reach the second trimester of your pregnancy. Of course you can continue the program in the third trimester as well, as long as you get your doctor's ok for it and, of course, the workouts will be shorter and less intensive, while diversifying the meal plan with seasonal products.
Learn how to stay in shape during the pregnancy!

Follow a healthy diet that will benefit your entire family!

Be fully prepared for birth and the post-partum period!

89 euro / month
Starting from the 14th week of pregnancy*
Program for 3 months
*Bonus recommendations for the 3rd trimester
Can I follow the program without the consent of my doctor?
We recommend you to get your doctor's approval. If for some reason at all this approval cannot be obtained you can start the program only after signing a document that you understand and assume all possible risks that may occur from following the program without a doctor's consent.
Who is this program for?
This program was created especially for the future mommies who wish to enjoy an active and healthy pregnancy.
How will I access my program?
You will receive the program, together with any Bonus materials, by email once the payment is confirmed.

What will I need for the workout?
A pair of sneakers, a pair of weights, fitness elastic bands, 2 square meters of space and an internet connection.
Will I have access to my program forever?
You will have access to it only for the paid period of 12 weeks. However, if you are willing to share your results with us, the access time will be extended for another 4 weeks.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, you can enjoy a 10% discount by sharing your results with us.
Is this course refundable?
No, there are no refunds.
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