A private course training program is adapted individually to answer your physical needs and create the optimal result in the shortest period of time.
The meal plan is attentively put together to ensure reaching your ideal weight and shape rapidly. The meal pland and shopping list will be sent to you daily.
One of the major advantages of this program is having my personal phone number, thus ensuring tips, tricks and motivation doses.
If you are not 100% commited I will not work with you!
Read the FAQ section below and contact me for availabilities.
150 euro / month
*For professional athletes period is flexible
Minimum 2 months*
Who is this program for?
This program is created for men and women equally and is customized according to your condition and objectives. For each workout, a basic and simplified version of the exercises is given, so the program is suitable even for beginners in sports.
How will i receive my program?
You need to make your account on AB website and the access to the program page will be sent via email. Bonus materials will be sent also via email.
What will I need for the workout?
A pair of sneakers, one pair of weights, elastic fitness bands, 2 square meters of space and an internet connection.
Will i have the access to my workouts forever?
You will have access only for the paid period of your program. However, if you are willing to share your results with us, the access time will be extended for another 4 weeks.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, you can obtain a 10% discount by sharing your results.
Is this course refundable?
No, there are no refunds.
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